The Campo / Lake Morena Disaster Preparedness Committee
Meets from time to time to review our disaster preparedness plans
The public is welcomed and urged to attend.
Contact for details.

Amateur Radio Classes in the San Diego / Imperial Area.

Neighbor to Neighbor Program Follow this link for details

Community Disaster Preparedness Resources

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Campo, Lake Morena Disaster Plan
Disaster Preparedness Resource Guide
Community Communications Plans
Horse Thief Fire July 2006 After Action Report
October 21, 2006 Countywide CERT Drill
May 21, 2005 Disaster Drill
June 2004 Disaster Drill


November 9, 2004
Larry Johnson presents the Campo Lake Morena
Community Protection/Evacuation Plan Annex to
Herman Reddick of the San Diego County OES

Campo, Lake Morena Disaster Plan

Campo / Lake Morena has completed it's Annex to the San Diego County, Community Protection / Evacuation Plan. A condensed version of the Annex is available on this webpage below. Please download and print the Annex and Forms and put a copy in your 3 Day Kits. ( Don't know what a 3 Day Kit is? Click Here ) This Annex contains emergency information and resources specific to the Campo / Lake Morena area plus general information and forms on disaster preparedness.

Plan updated July 2013

View or download the Annex in Microsoft Word format (8Mb)

View or download the Annex Forms in Word Format

If you do not have the free Adobe Reader program follow the link below for information and downloads.
Adobe Reader download

Disaster Preparedness Resource Guide

The Resource Guide below is a web version of our printed guide. Fill out and keep this guide handy for it's emergency resources and information. Keep one in your home and one in every vehicle.

View and Print the Mountain Empire Disaster Preparedness Resource Guide.

We are always updating our Disaster Preparedness Resource Guide. If you know of an agency that needs to be added to the list or are a member of a listed agency where the provided information needs updating please contact Craig Williams at 619-806-4146, or e-mail to

San Diego County Operational Area Emergency Plan ( Rev 9/2014 )

View or download the SD County OA Emergency Plan. Adobe PDF file (5 Mb.)

Local Agencies in an Emergency

See our Links Page for more useful local and Government links

(Also, see our Resource guide)

San Diego Sheriff
Campo Substation
378 Sheraton Rd. Campo, CA 92006
(619) 478-5378
FAX (619)478-9076

California Highway Patrol
El Cajon (680)
1722 East Main St. El Cajon 92021-5259

Border Patrol
Campo Station (Responsible for East of Buckman Springs Road) (619) 938-8700
Campo Station is located on Old HW80 West of La Posta Road
El Cajon (Responsible for West of Buckman Springs Road) (619) 258-4500
Boulevard Station (619) 766-4542
Border Patrol Dispatch number: (619) 662-7321

Mountain Empire Community Center
976 Sheridan Road · Campo, CA 91906
(619) 478-2384

Mountain Health & Community Services
31115 Highway 94
Campo, CA 91906
Clinic 478-5311 Fax 478-2267

Community Communications

We learned during the massive wildfires of 2003 that normal communications systems are prone to failure. Here in Campo valley we lost our power for 6 days as the main transmission lines were lost. Telephone and cellular communications were on and off during the same period. When all else fails, Amateur Radio.

( Click this link to open our Communications Plan in a new window for easy printing )

Unified San Diego County, Emergency Services Organization
Operational Area Emergency Plans

San Diego County, Office of Emergency Services Website

Updated March 2015