Uniden BCD 436HP / 536HP Resources.

I just bought one of these as the San Diego County RCS System went to APCO NextGen and my old scanners will not receive NextGen. I am having a heck of a time programming it to my needs so I made this page to gather information. If you find any good links to add to this site please email me at

The biggest problem I solved was "Select Service Types" There is nowhere in software to select service types you need to do it in the scanner menu. Default mine was not scanning fire and law tactical groups. On the scanner select Funct and Zip/Services button. rotate through Service Types to turn on the ones you want to monitor. Reference the Sentinel software to see which service types are assigned to your talk groups trunk tracker codes.


Easy to use HTML BCD 436HP / 536HP Manual

Easy to use HTML Sentinel Software Manual

Uniden Sentinel Software

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