Test Equipment

AVCOM PSA 66A Spectrum Analyzer

Motorola R-2660 iDEN Test Set

Motorola R-R2001D Test Set

FA-2 6Ghz Frequency Counter

Motorola 3478A Multimeter


I recently acquired a used AVCOM spectrum analyzer from a fellow Ham. finding manuals for this
unit is next to impossible. Thanks to another Ham I was able to cobble together a basic manual and
accessory guides. If you have something to add to this page please contact me.

Manuals ( In .pdf )

Preliminary Operating Manual

65A Brochure

65A Owners Manual ( A paste up. )

65A Accessories

ADA 10A 20A Operations Manual

Motorola R-2660 iDEN Test Set

Just acquired this beautiful R-2060. Can't find a service manual for this except for an Ebay vendor who has a DVD
with this and 100 other pieces of Motorola test equipment on it.

R2600 Series Operators Manual

R2660 iDEN Supplement

Motorola R-2001D Test Set

One of the best pieces of test equipment you can have is a communications test set. It's hard to find
a good used one but once you do you will never let it go. This one belongs to a fellow Ham Operator.

R-2100D Service manual in .pdf

FA-2 6Ghz Frequency Counter

Hard to believe it but this is $118.88 on Ebay. DC to 6Ghz, 2 channel frequency counter. Has an excellent internal
clock but I feed mine with an
external GPS enabled TCXO. It actually works and works well. A little jitter after 4 decimal
places but $118.00!

Motorola 3478A Multimeter

I can't believe I did it again! $100.00 on Ebay. Looks like it just came off the factory floor and it even works.


My Antique VOM's Yes, they still work.

Don't make them like this anymore TS-297/U

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